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Now you can improve your performance and become a faster, more successful athlete through personal instruction and appropriate training. 


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The mental & physical exhaustion that occurs from hitting the performance wall. We help you break through that wall using essential and effective training techniques.


As we move into our 10th year, Braelen’s Speed Shop has helped over 300 athletes reach their full potential through:


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Meet Your Coach

Braelen Meredith

  • He wrestled, played baseball and football in high school
  • Won a football scholarship to North Greenville University where he started for 3 years
  • Collegiate Athletic Association All-American

He’s even excelled in academia, graduating
with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Management, before receiving his MBA.

But what we love most about Braelen is the same thing the kids in our program can’t stop raving about… how he combines fun, engaging activities that keep them eager for more while still encouraging discipline, hard work, and strong character.

He expects a lot from every child, no matter their ability, and knows how to get the best from them in every single session. He’s equal parts motivator, leader, trainer, and support crew.

It was this passion, diligence, and care for children (as well as the unbelievable sporting results he helped the kids achieve) that led the Parisi Organization to award him Performance Coach of the Year 2019.

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