Three “Secrets” To Making 2023 Great! Part 2

We will be officially starting the “Arete Challenge/The Fletcher Way” in February. The challenge can be summarized as the pursuit of being the best version of yourself from moment to moment, and me sharing my process of trying to help you do so. It is a very lofty goal and one I personally come short of everyday, but I view it as a “Journey not a Destination.”

When taking a Birds Eye view of the process, I came up with three themes or secrets to making the process a success. 
1. Decide what you truly want and WHY!
2. Do what you know!
3. Do what you say!

In a recent conversation with a good friend and training partner for over 20 years, the subject of secret #2 came up.  To paraphrase the conversation, he said that he had recently made some dietary changes that almost immediately improved his energy and endurance. His question to me was why didn’t I take your advice sooner. I laughed and said it is not just you, I sometimes don’t take my own advice either.

This idea of doing what you know is not a new concept but more recently it became a theme of mine after doing a consultation for a program called “Rapid Health Optimization.” The program consists of having some of the top minds in the industry examining your goals, extensive blood work, and other measurables to come up with a plan to help you optimize your diet, supplements, and training.

This plan sounded great! However, when I was told the cost of the program was $25,000, I had to do a little more contemplating as to the cost versus benefit. What I came away with is that before I spend that much money; I should first put my focus and energy on doing the things I know that I already should be doing. 

Sometimes it is not about doing something new or different but focusing on the fundamentals and optimizing those. During the Arete Challenge we will be working on “10 Pillars of Mental Performance” in order to help you create a process of “Doing What You Know.”

If you have a growth mindset, want to make 2023 great, and want to participate in the challenge, reply to this email or sign up at the gym to be added to the challenge.

Don’t count the days, make the days count. Dominate the day and make 2023 great!