Do You Want An Elite Mindset?

In a previous email titled,”What Can We Control?”, we mention that our INTENTION is one of those things that are under our control.

Many things can fall under the category of our Intention but the one I would like to focus on here is our mindset. Mental performance has been an area that has challenged me personally and this is one of the reasons why I am so curious and passionate about it.

My belief is that mindset is something that we can all train and improve upon. That is however, if we believe we can train it, and if we have a desire to do so. 

As with nearly everything we want to train and improve upon, we must first bring awareness. The example below describes some of the differences between an AVERAGE/FIXED versus GROWTH/ELITE MINDSET. 


Never show weakness
Never feels sorry for themselves
Stay patient in the face of adversity
NDCQ- Not dead, can’t quit
Make adversity your advantage (GOOD)
Focuses on controllables
Focus on the action they need to take
See failure as an opportunity to learn and improve


Wears emotions on their sleeve
Feels like they get cheated
Gets out of control emotionally and mentally
I got nothing left in the tank
I shy away from adversity
Focuses on uncontrollables
Focus on how they feel
See failure as final

If you find that you already have an elite mindset, then you can use this way of thinking to set intention for your training and life. If you find yourself having an average mindset, don’t get down on yourself.  Again, I believe this is something you can train and improve if you so choose. 

Being introspective and taking a honest look at your current mindset is the first step in our “Arete Challenge/the Fletcher Way”. If you have the intention of making 2023 your best year ever and would like to participate in the challenge, reply to this email or reach out to me directly and we will send you an invitation to the Slack app which we will using for the challenge.