Introducing The Superhuman Protocol

If you’ve been on this journey with us at the Optimization Training Lab, you know our core mission: to help you ‘Close the Gap’ towards becoming the best version of yourself. 

It’s a journey to amplify your ‘Life Force’ and ‘Energy’ – not just in the gym, but in every facet of your life.

Think of ‘Life Force’ and ‘Energy’ as more than physical endurance. Envision yourself as a ‘human battery.’ 

Every action, every exercise session is a charge, but it’s vital to recognize that the immediate effect of intense exercise is like a power drain to this battery. 

The real recharge, the surge in energy, comes from effective recovery and adaptation. 

This is where the ‘Superhuman Protocol’ comes into play.

Traditionally, our recovery toolbox included nutrition, rest, sleep, stress reduction techniques like meditation, and mobility work. 

More recently, we’ve integrated sauna sessions and cold plunges to enhance this process. 

But now, we’re ready to take it a step further.

Our exploration in Bioenergetics has led us to a groundbreaking approach, designed to not just recover but to supercharge your ‘human battery.’ 

The ‘Superhuman Protocol’ is a fusion of technology and nature, allowing us to stack the elements of earth, air, and sun in a symphony of recovery and energy enhancement.

Here’s a glimpse of what it entails:

  • PEMF Therapy: Recharge your cellular energy, reducing inflammation and promoting recovery at the deepest levels.
  • EWOT: Amplify your workout efficiency with enhanced oxygen utilization, boosting stamina and overall energy.
  • Red Light Therapy: Accelerate muscle recovery, soothe joint pain, and revitalize your skin – a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

These modalities aren’t just theoretical. They’ve been discussed and endorsed on platforms like Joe Rogan’s and Ben Greenfield’s podcasts, even transforming the health of figures like Dana White.

We’re excited about the potential of the ‘Superhuman Protocol’ to revolutionize our offerings at the Lab. 

But, as always, your input is invaluable. Would integrating this protocol into your routine resonate with you? 

Your feedback will guide us in tailoring this offering to best suit our community’s needs.

If you’re intrigued, let’s talk more. Reply to this email, or let’s have a conversation in person. 

We’re here to provide all the information you need to embark on this new phase of your wellness journey.

Thank you for being a part of our quest to ‘Close the Gap.’ Together, let’s unlock a supercharged version of ourselves.