Would You Like 2023 To Be Your Best Year Ever?

As we come to the end of a year and prepare for the coming year, it is a great time to first, reflect back on then previous year and then look forward into the future. Every year, I send some sort of message around this idea and follow that message with a process to set goals for the coming year and how to make the new year the best year ever.

This year, I have purposely titled our email, “Would You Like 2023 To Be Your Best Year Ever?’ The reason I have posed it as a question is related to the idea of what is under our control. Previously, I said that one way of considering what is under our control can be broken down into 4 things:


Personally, the idea of what is under my control has been challenging. One of the things I am working on letting go of is fear, frustration, anger, and judgement of those things out of my control. However, what you and I both can control is our intention.

So, the first step in the process of “Making 2023 Your Best Year Ever” is setting the intention to do so. 

The second step of the process is BELIEVING you can. If you want to make this year your best year but don’t quite think it is possible, then let our belief in you help you believe until you can believe it for yourself. I believe we all can if we follow a process. Sharing that process is one of our big goals for 2023. I have said many times before that our ultimate goal is to help you
”Close the Gap between where you are and your unlimited potential.”

That process that we will be sharing is what we are calling the “ARETE Challenge- The Fletcher Way.” We will be starting the challenge in January.  I will send more specific details of the challenge in the coming days but in a nutshell the challenge will be focused on the goal “Being your best self from moment to moment to moment” and the process or system will be my personal approach towards doing so.

I want to make this process available to anyone who is willing to listen, so will be providing many resources through email and our new blog. I will also be offering a training for those who are “All In” and fully committed to the process for a higher level of accountability and authentic communication and coaching on the process. 

What I have learned is that when it comes to the idea of “Closing the Gap” to becoming your best self there are some basic principles that apply. What it comes down to is finding a method of applying those principles that resonates with you.

Here are a couple of resources from trusted sources that we will take from in our own challenge that you may find helpful:

The first is from Brian Johnson – “Greatest Year Ever”

The second is from Tony and Sage Robbins- “Unshakeable Challenge”