Clarity and Authenticity

Our ultimate goal is to help people “Close the gap between where they are and the best versions of themselves.” There are many ways of doing this, but one way is to seek knowledge and share or teach what we have learned.

I recently came across the following quote which both resonated with me and inspired me.

“You have to learn how to teach;
because people do not want to be taught.
In order to accomplish this, you must teach people how to learn;
And even before that,
you must first teach them that there is still something more that needs to be learned.
Although they imagine that they are now ready to learn, In all truth, they only want what they think must be learned, and not what it is that they truly need to learn.
Only when you have learned all of this, can you then devise the way in which to teach them.
For having knowledge
without having the special capacity to teach others is not the same as having both knowledge and ability.”

To be a better teacher and coach there are two things I would like to focus on:
1. Clarity
2. Authenticity

One of the main goals of our blog will be to provide as much clarity as possible regarding our training philosophy and methods. Although our methods may have changed and evolved over time, it has always been our intention to provide the best training possible. However, I do believe we can do a better job educating around our philosophy and methods.

The authenticity component is very important to me as well. Being authentic is something I strive to do and when it comes to training it is very important for me to stay true to doing what is in my opinion best. Part of being authentic is also realizing that what I consider best is also based on personal perspective. That personal perspective comes with my own biases and experiences which include all my fears, insecurities, etc.

We want to help as many people as possible but also understand that everyone will not see or be open to seeing things the same way. If you don’t that’s ok. I just hope you will have an open mind and maybe one day our message will resonate. 

Again the goal of many of these blog posts will be to provide clarity on what we do and why.