Three Perspectives On The Benefits Of HIT

In another post on our blog I spoke on some of the benefits of HIT (High Intensity Training) from HITUNI. Those benefits are all very scientifically based. This is important to us because a foundation of our training is based on a core principle of evidence based exercise. However, what really matters to us, and I believe to you, is that the training benefits you personally based on what is most important to you. It is also important to us, that the training and those benefits are achieved in as safe, efficient, and sustainable a manner as possible.

Today, I would like to share three perspectives from some others on the importance and benefits of HIT.

First, from “Body by Science” author and Emergency Medicine Physician Dr. Doug McGuff. In this video Dr. McGuff briefly reviews some of the scientific literature that suggests that being stronger might not “make you live forever, but it might just save your life.”

Second, this video from bestselling author Steven Kotler suggest that “The Stronger Your Legs Are The Longer You Live.”

Last but not least, from US Army Special Operations veteran Pat McNamara who says training should achieve three primary goals:

1. Save Your Life
2. Save Your Family and Friend’s Life
3. Crush Bad Guys.

Training focused on self-preservation and longevity because a broken chassis is not conducive to mission completion.”

This sounds a lot like our focus on safe, efficient, effective, sustainable strength training, mobility, and Jiujitsu.  

Thanks to Kevin, Sam, and Lawrence for sharing!