Three “Secrets” to Making 2023 Great!

We will be officially starting the “Arete Challenge/The Fletcher Way” in February. In a nutshell, the challenge consist of the goal of becoming and being the best version of yourself from moment to moment. It is a very lofty goal and one I personally come short of everyday but I view it as a “Journey not a Destination” and will be sharing my approach to the process.

When taking a Birds Eye view of the process, I came up with three themes or secrets to making the process a success.

1. Decide what you truly want and WHY! Know the game you are playing.
2. Do what you know!
3. Do what you say!

The first step in the process sounds simple but in my experience very few people take the time and energy to truly determine what “they” want.. Those that take the time to contemplate their goals or targets often don’t look deeper into the why behind the goal or target. The “WHY” is the fuel and motivation to get you to take action and to keep you moving forward when you encounter obstacles. 

During the Arete Challenge/The Fletcher Way, we will be utilizing the MVP process to help with the first secret. The MVP process consist of defining your Mission, Vision, and Principles. 

If you have a growth mindset, want to make 2023 great, and want to participate in the challenge, reply to this email or sign up to be added to the challenge.

Don’t count the days, make the days count. Dominate the day and make 2023 great!