What Is Quantified Strength Training?

What is “Quantified Strength Training”?

First, it is the primary training/exercise method we utilize in Fletcher Fitness to help our clients “Close the Gap” between where they are and the best version of themselves.

It is our application of High Intensity Resistance Training protocols combined with the Fletcher Fitness proven process. 


  1.  Set goals and create identity related to those goals
  2. Discuss exercise history and any possible physical limitations
  3. Create an exercise plan 
  4. Agree upon the plan and commit
  5. Perform a baseline assessment based on individual goals
  6. Put the plan into action by showing up with a focused and directed mindset for each training session. 
  7. Reassess measurables based on goals
  8. Make adjustments to the plan if necessary or continue with the plan if progress is moving in the right direction and goals remain the same.

Our primary training/exercise protocol is aimed at stimulating and positively effecting the muscular system by what we refer to broadly as the “growth mechanism”. Although many methods can provide an effective stimulus, our method of Quantified Strength Training also places a high priority on being both safe and efficient. It is also a training protocol that can realistically be applied for a lifetime.  

We utilize our ARX technology to measure and quantify strength and our Fit3D to measure and quantify lean body mass and body composition. However, the benefits of such training go well beyond strength and body composition changes.

Many of benefits are explained through Dr. Gabrielle Lyon’s MUSCLE-CENTRIC MEDICINE. 

“Muscle is perhaps the most important organ system to combat our current health crisis, regain exceptional health and maximize physical performance. Muscle health becomes more important as we age, yet is often the most overlooked-even by modern-day medical practices.MUSCLE-CENTRIC MEDICINE focuses on this, the organ of longevity. Muscle is fast becoming the 6th vital sign.”

As the largest organ in your body, your muscular system is your metabolic currency, your reservoir for amino acids, and it plays a vital role in fighting inflammation throughout your body. Muscle is also the largest site for glucose metabolism, which is critical to reversing insulin resistance and preventing or even treating chronic illnesses such as diabetes or cognitive decline.

Cell signals (myokines) released from muscle during physical activity interact with cell signals released from fat cells (adipokines) and even chemical signals from your microbiome to influence how your brain and body function.

You have much more direct control over the messages being sent and how your body and brain are functioning than you probably know.”
Other benefits are as follows:

  • Benefits of High-Intensity Resistance Training (More strength and better cardio) are only a couple benefits. Science has proven many others:
  • Better endurance
  • Reversed aging and a longer lifespan
  • Better mental health and resiliency
  • Stronger bones – we all start to lose bone and muscle as we age, but resistance training can slow down and reverse osteopenia and sarcopenia
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved fat loss and increased metabolism (additional calorie-burning) – your body burns over twice as many calories to support muscle than it does for fat
  • Blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity – this one is huge for reducing body fat and managing diabetes
  • Better joint flexibility
  • Improved cholesterol – higher HDL
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Better balance
  • Hormone optimization
  • Improved immune system
  • Better brain health and cognitive performance
  • Reduced pain like back pain and arthritis
  • Elevated body image 

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